A patch which help to correct the reddening  of acne.

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Acne Patch from SKYNLAB from Italy is able to correct blemishes of skin with acneic and comedonic tendency. They slowly release a series of cosmetic active ingredients which help to correct the reddening blemish caused by the bacteria flora. Studies conducted by using the patch showed a remarkable effectiveness of the product.



  • Acne path with 12 hours adherence effect.
  • Protect the affected area from external impurities.
  • 10 pcs patches.



  • Wash your hands and clean the pimple areas properly.
  • Take out the acne path by pulling out the small plastic sheet to avoid your hands in contact with acne patch.
  • Then apply the acne on the pimple area and remove the plastic sheet.
  • Use your fingers to gently press on the acne patch to allow it to stick onto the skin tightly.
  • It is recommended to leave the patch on for 6-12hours.

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